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Branching Out Landscapes prides itself in offering a myriad of services when it comes to landscaping your gardens. We cover a wide range of areas in Surrey; such as Guildford, Woking, Byfleet, Farnham, Esher, & Walton on Thames.  Our complimentary product ranges make it easy for you to choose us when deciding to either turf your garden, decking your rear garden, or merely laying out artificial grass on your lawn.


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Turfing Gardens

Garden Decking

Artificial Grass

Fence Panels

Patio and Paving

Walls and Brickwork


Walls and Brickwork 

All our teams have impeccable bricklaying ability. Whether you require a new garden wall, or want to create a tiered effect in a sloped garden by building walls and brickwork steps we can make this happen.


There is something quintessentially British and beautiful about well laid bricks.


Brickwork can truly be a key element in transforming your garden. From tiered patios, brick BBQs and stunning driveways, brickwork can add a durable function to your new garden design.

Patio and Paving

Creating an area for enjoying your garden space with options of seating areas and a place for barbecues, a Patio gives a quality feel to your garden.  We can create an eye-catching contrast between the stone slabs and the grass in the rest of your garden.


There is a wide range of paving materials offering a broad range of colours to suit any theme or style for your garden. From black, grey and white through to the more natural browns of the Indian Sandstone.


From patios to pathways we specialise in making all our paving work a wonderfully stylish addition to your garden with high attention to straight lines, level surfaces and even directing where rainfall flows to so as to protect your house.


We work with modular packs that include a range of sizes, with standard 60x30 paving slabs as well as larger and smaller rectangle and square slabs that all come together to give a pattern that is truly appealing to the eye.


Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass installation is a perfect option for a picturesque lawn in addition to preserving the environment as it requires no water. In not needing water it’s true to say it asks for very little in the way of upkeep, provides perfect looking grass all year round without any hassle, and it’s not at risk from harsh weathers and saves on those water bills. Whilst it’s environmentally friendly it isn't an ideal home for rodents or insects therefore resulting in less chance of them entering your home. So, with no need for trimming, watering, or reseeding this flawless lawn, it is a large step towards eco-friendly gardens. This low-maintenance option is a winner with a lot of our customers.

Garden Decking

When it comes to exterior garden decking, the price of the product often reflects its quality and durability, so discovering the most affordable decking does not always translate to the best value for money, which can make the decision difficult. This is due to the fact there are many different products to choose from, whether it’s composite materials, timber or plastic.  Whilst for a seamless and stylish look the composite option guarantees long-lasting beauty, in some cases organic timber can also be an ideal choice.


Fence Panels

A Garden Fence not only provides a perimeter and privacy to any garden, but when constructed properly can become a significant feature and be much more than a border. 


Whilst available in several different materials, we specialise in wooden fencing. All our fences are built to perfection, with the posts deeply set 24 inches into the ground and cemented to ensure they can withstand very strong winds. We also use gravel boards along the bottom before installing the panel and this protects the wood from the damp of the ground keeping the panels fresh and long-lasting.


Eye for detail is something we excel in and our fences are marked out with a stringline meaning they are perfectly straight to the natural eye.

There are multiple options, such as preconstructed panels that we can fit into place between wooden or concrete posts. However we also specialise and recommend individual featheredge fencing. This is where we fix each wooden piece in place, making the fence long lasting and incredibly stylish, whilst also giving flexibility in terms of fitting to your garden’s size.


Turfing Gardens

Developing a new turf from the ground up is quick and easy if you pick the correct time of year and prepare the plot carefully.


Laid turf will take root and develop into a beautiful lawn on soil that is warm and moist - autumn is perfect as new turf will also be routinely watered by winter rain. Turf can at the same time be laid in spring, however if you live in an area affected by a hosepipe ban it is advisable to avoid this time as new turf needs frequent watering to prevent grasses from being put under stress.


Rubbish Clearance Surrey

Rubbish Clearance

Our rubbish clearance service offers an affordable and reliable solution to rubbish clearance. We collect household, domestic and garden waste.